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About the Firm: Overview

With the core focus on Business and Law in mind, our practice areas include, but are not limited to:
Business CreationCapital EnhancementAsset AcquisitionBusiness Operations
The complete organization of any and all business entities, i.e. Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, partnerships, etc. We work with individuals and businesses to focus on creating the business entity or obtaining assets by certain methods that best suits their purpose and to provide the most effective and safest means of acquisition, ability to utilize said business or asset for achieving maximum growth potential, and for preservation of their capital.
Business CapitalAsset PreservationGrowth
Once the entity is created or the asset acquired, we can create all of the programs and other plans needed for the key employees and founders of the entity, i.e. stock ownership plans, option plans, shareholder agreements, profit-sharing, buy-out provisions, etc. We further provide sound general legal counsel to the entity or businessman for day-to-day operations of the business and its organizational structure, and the dilemmas facing it as a functioning legal/economic entity.
Corporate/Personal BankruptcyNon-Bankruptcy Plans and Solutions
In addition to offering legal services for the creation and enhancement of capital, we offer and pride ourselves on our ability to utilize each and every potential legal avenue available to one when confronted with judgments, debt-crippling problems, potential liability, and other major obstacles to the individual and business entity's enjoyment of their capital and other assets. We represent and handle both sides of the system: We offer services to creditors and other seekers for a return of their capital extended to others, and their quest to regain their collateral and other assets due from financial distressed debtor clients and/or judgment debtors. We offer advise, strategic planning, and the necessary representation to individuals and business entities burdened with debt, legal liabilities, and/or other potential problems/liabilities that can potentially render one unable to financially function or incapable to operate as necessary in today's marketplace. These services include creation of debt protection entities, use of every potential legal right(s) afforded one under State and Federal Laws, and aggressive representation in any and all court proceedings; including post-judgment proceedings (i.e. debtor's interrogatories, creditor negotiations, and utilization of other debt reduction strategies.)
LitigationTrialUtilization of the CourtsAggressive Representation